Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review of The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah

Published by Pan Macmillan Thursday 12 April 2012

Eleven months after discovering a brutal double murder in a sleepy Northumbrian town, 
Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels is still haunted by her failure to solve the case. 
Then the brutal killing of a man on Newcastle’s Quayside gives Daniels another chance to get it right, 
and her first case as Senior Investigating Officer. 
When Daniels recognises the corpse, but fails to disclose the fact, 
her personal life swerves dangerously into her professional life. 
But much worse, she is now being watched. 
As Daniels steps closer to finding a killer, a killer is only a breath away from claiming his next victim…

This is an accomplished first novel by Mari Hannah, it grips the reader from the start and is almost impossible to put down. The prose is a joy to read; lean, tight sentences conjure unforgettable scenes in the imagination. The chapters are short and intense, heightening the senses and compelling you to read on.
DCI Kate Daniels is strong, direct, competitive, independent, fiercely loyal to those she loves and a risk-taker. She's protective of her private life and rarely confides in anyone, yet she's often the first to offer support to others. DS Hank Gormley is the perfect foil to DCI Daniels as he gradually draws her out and gives the reader a more rounded view of her character. The well observed office politics and banter in the police station feel realistic and believable. 
  In contrast the measured, detached tone of the killer will make your flesh crawl. It's a truly chilling characterization of a killer who is as haunted as Daniels in their own way, a tormented soul that evokes no sympathy. 
  Packed with original twists and memorable characters this d├ębut novel is a thrilling, compulsive page-turner!
You can listen to Mari Hannah talk about The Murder Wall here: Q and A with Mari Hannah

This post was originally a competition to win a copy of The Murder Wall.  


Claire McComisky said...

The answer to the question is two sentences.
Great review, Pam.

Pam McIlroy said...

@Sad19 has contacted me via twitter to say the answer is two!

Lindsay said...

Two sentences. Great video, really interesting to hear about the background to the book, and the approach to writing. Would love to read this one. Thanks for the competition.

Annieliz said...

Two sentences. Really enjoyed the interview video.

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Thank you all for entering the comp! I'm so glad you're enjoying Mari's video. Pam x

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Hi Annieliz, you are the winner of The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah! Please email me your address, my contact details are in 'About me'.


Pam :)

Mari said...

Congratulations from me too! Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun. I'm hoping there will another opportunity to do something similar soon.