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venue and meeting room

I host the Broadway Book Club on the last Thursday of each month at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. We meet at 7pm and the meeting generally ends at about 9pm (although the people have been known to stay longer).

Each month's book club choice will be featured on this blog. This is the ideal club to come along to on your own or with friends. We're a friendly group who just enjoy reading, talking about books, watching movies based on books and relaxing with a glass of wine or beer, whatever takes your fancy.

Nominated books must be available from UK libraries as not all book club members can afford to buy new books every month (families, rent, mortgages and bills have to come first). The beauty of using the local library is that authors receive a small payment every time you borrow a book.

Please note that if you are an author considering offering my club free books, we have over 80 members. Their preference is for high quality literary or dystopian fiction. Some recent favourites have included The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. If you are looking for feedback on your novel, please note the majority of members are very well read and exceptionally direct regarding giving constructive feedback.

The Broadway Cinema
12-18 Broad Street,

Twitter: @Pamreader
The facebook page: Broadway Book Club

Please note that I do not work for The Broadway Cinema. Please do not leave parcels at the Broadway reception desk for me as they do not have the facility to store them.

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